”Deams came true, friendship, vlach gipsy music”


The Olah Gipsy Beats project was brought to life by Antal Kovács, leader of Romano Drom. It was founded in 2008, as from the three most famous vlach gipsy band leaders from Hungary joined Romano Drom, under the name Oláh Gipsy Allstars. It is known under it’s current name from 2011 with the same singers Antal Kovács (Romano Drom), István Szilvási (Szilvási Gipsy Folk Band), Béla Lakatos (Ternipe), Matild Dobi (Ando Drom), István Farkas (Ternipe), József Balog (Romano Drom), and Gabriella Tintér.

The music of the band thus formed it is traditional and modern at the same time, a very unique fusion of the ancient songs played still in rural gipsy areas, and the popular songs played in the big cities, mixed with other country’s music. The frantic and dinamic coral voice of 7 lead singers (5 man and 2 women) will be accompanied by the traditional can, spoon, for the traditional rythm, guitar, and the instruments known mainly from the balcanic gipsy music, such as horns, accordeon, base, drums and percussion.
Oláh Gipsy Beats

The program contains the most famous songs of the combined four groups and the traditional songs of the vlach gipsy comunity as well. Their concerts are very dinamic, fluctuating from the songs of pain through songs of love toward the dance songs of happyness. All these emotions are highlighted by the gipsy dancers, dinamic and improvising, and the projections on the background. So all together they will ensure a frentic, heated all evening gipsy program.

Oláh Gipsy Beats

Antal Kovács: lead guitar, vocal (Romano Drom)
Béla Lakatos: water jug, vocal (Ternipe )
Matild Dobi: vocal (Ando Drom)
István Farkas: mandolin, vocal (Ternipe)
István Szilvási: spoons, vocal (Szilvási Gipsy Folk Band)
Gabriella Tintér: vocal
József Balogh: guitar, vocal (Romano Drom)
Máté Kovács: water jug, percussion, drum (Romano Drom)
Vilmos Seres: saxophone, clarinet, accordion
Attila Csávás: saxophone
Péter Bordás: bass guitar
Roland Rézműves: water jug, dance


Oláh Gipsy Beats borító


Oláh Gipsy Beats’ first album called NO. 1 is released on 2016 autumn.

It’s online available from Fonó webshop: webbolt.fono.hu/olahgipsybeats.eng